Our Mission Is To Help You Express Your Individual Style

65 MCMLXV Let's You Stand Out In A Crowd

Do you love standing out from the crowd? Do you love attracting people’s attention?

Do you truly believe that YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes!” then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for unique and eye-catching clothing - sportswear that is not only well-made, but gives you so much confidence you KNOW you look your best - then 65 MCMLXV is your brand.

Hi, my name is Juan E. Romero and I am the founder and designer of 65 MCMLXV. 65 MCMLXV is a New York City-based contemporary sportswear collection. My mission is to help you express your individual style through fashion that is fun, positive and affirming even if you're not a fashionista.

65 MCMLXV is 1965 spelled out in Roman numerals, the year that I was born. I believe that clothes can be both fashionable and affordable and provide a platform for positive self-expression. 

Today, I feel very confident and comfortable with myself. However, this wasn’t always the case. When I was a boy and throughout my teens, I was very shy and introverted and had trouble expressing my true personality. My self-image was low and I went through a long and difficult struggle with my self esteem.

I grew up with this feeling that I wasn’t expressing the real me. It wasn’t until I was in college and switched my major from Architecture to Fashion Design that I started to come out of my shell. Fashion allowed me to develop my own unique identity and let others instantly discover who I was through the clothing I wore.

When I started realizing that people were paying attention to me because of my style choices, my self-confidence started to grow. And that is where my lifelong love of clothing and fashion began!

Fashion gave me the confidence I needed to be who I am now! My shyness didn’t allow me to see that I was interesting and stylish. Besides, in New York - where I grew up - being hip and having a great sense of style is the norm.

So, my design journey has been a very special one for me. Yes, there are other brands in the market, and there are still many beautiful collections that I like and admire, but my focus was on designing clothing that empowered men and women to feel their very best - to become so confident that they are able to express their own unique style.


                                                                     The 65 MCMLXV Influence


Most of my customers tell me others have approached them and asked where they can buy that style. Though this makes me happy, I am prouder that I have achieved what I set out to do when started my sportswear line: EMPOWER PEOPLE TO FEEL THEIR BEST! I recognize that we all want to be seen, noticed, admired and valued.

Do you know how empowering it feels to be stopped by a stranger and told how great you look? For every person who stops you to tell you how good you look, there will be many others who are thinking it but don’t have the confidence or familiarity to approach you.  Feeling good about who you are is attractive.

Who is the 65 MCMLXV customer? Someone who loves fashion and is looking for a way to express their unique personality through the clothes they wear. They are fun loving and appreciate a witty double entendre or a tongue-in-cheek reference. They want to express themselves in a positive way and show the world that they feel good about themselves.

They are searching for unique, well-crafted items that are in limited supply. Most of all they have a positive outlook on life and don’t take themselves, or the world, too seriously!

If you are ready to experience the 65 MCMLXV Effect, and be a more confident person, then get started, because you can make it happen!


                                        What Makes The 65 MCMLXV Collection Different?


  • Our slogan t-shirts let you stand out in a crowd and get noticed without saying a word. These unique graphic tees are made of soft-washed 100% cotton jersey and are carefully crafted to fit you like a glove.
  • Arrive in style with our signature men's fleece hoodie. Expertly styled with genuine leather logo appliqués on the back and right sleeve. Our hoodie is made of super-soft fleece with a fully lined interior to keep you extra warm.
  • Our signature slim fit men's chino pant and chino short look great, feel comfy and are long-lasting. Both are great for work or play and are available in Khaki. They are made of extra-soft 100% cotton washed twill for your comfort.
  • Our modern, classic straight fit men's jean with logo embroideries is carefully crafted for an authentic look and feel. They have a genuine leather logo patch on back waistband and are made with Dark Indigo stone washed premium denim with just a hint of tint.
  • Lounge in style with our exclusive, classic fit men's fleece dress sweat pant. It has logo genuine leather appliqués on the front and back. Super soft cotton/poly fleece keeps you extra warm.
  • Our direct to consumer online strategy is tailor-made for consumers that recognize value and allows us to produce high-quality apparel and pass the savings on to you. We allow you to look stylish without breaking the bank!


Being curious about fashion is the perfect place to start. Your style choices tell your individual life story. Having fun with fashion can be a real pleasure. Please don’t let your desire to get noticed and feel empowered be curtailed by fear and insecurity. This is your time to shine. Don’t miss the chance to look and feel your very best!


True style is born out of self-knowledge, confidence and wisdom. As you can see, my style journey is a very personal one. Once I started developing my personality, my attitude came. With my newfound attitude, my confidence went sky high!

Now I feel it’s my turn to empower men and women around the globe to look and feel fabulous.

Confidence is simply an attitude. I wish I had known this when I was growing up because it would have saved me from suffering with all my insecurities.

I feel that everyone should show their very best side, and that they should do this by feeling confident with whom they are today! Your style should enhance rather than hide your true self. Are you ready to reveal your authentic personality?

I hope I can be part of your style journey by having you wear one of my original designs!

To your best style,

Juan E. Romero

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