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Partner/Blogger Giveaway Instructions

The winner will receive any men's or women's statement t-shirt of their choice from the 65 MCMLXV website. Please send us a link once the giveaway is live so that we can track and promote it at: 65mcmlxv@gmail.com.  We also encourage you to promote the giveaway on your blog and social media channels as well using the hashtag #65mcmlxv. As a thank you for your efforts, you'll also receive one of our men's or women's t-shirts of your choice to wear and possibly showcase on your blog.


We ask that you announce the giveaway within 1 week of receiving our confirmation, but please let us know if you need more time. We recommend that you run the contest for 7 days, and announce a winner within 48 hours after the contest ends.


This contest is open to all residents in the continental USA, and contestants must subscribe to 65 MCMLXV's email newsletter at: 65 MCMLXV Newsletter to enter. In addition, you may add your own additional criteria to help build your readership.


  • 65 MCMLXV is a NYC-based contemporary Men’s and Women’s sportswear collection that creates stylish but classic casual clothing at an affordable price. Be sure to check out their site for Women's Statement T-ShirtsMen's Tops, and Men's Bottoms.
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  • DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post from 65 MCMLXV.com with my unbiased thoughts.

If you need help hosting a giveaway, we recommend easy-to-use tools like the 4sponsor Giveaway Plugin or RaffleCoptor.

Once you've selected a winner, send us their contact information, and we will work directly with them to issue their prize.