65 MCMLXV Unisex Snakeskin Print Neck Gaiter

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  1. Size: 19.6'' x 9.8'' /  50cm x 25cm
  2. Material: Polyester 
  3. Design description: Single-sided design 
  4. Product performance: skin-friendly, breathable, quick-drying, close-fitting, non-piling, no discoloration, odorless, easy to clean, skin-friendly, classic timeless fashion, washable and color does not fade out. 
  5. Washing instructions: Hand wash, do not machine wash, water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, do not bleach, avoid exposure. 
  6. Applicable scenarios: Wide range of applications, unisex, can be used for beaches, bicycles, off-road, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, tourism, fitness, etc., multi-purpose, can be used as a headscarf, mask, wristband, bib, hair band, headband, pirate Hats, masks, riding masks, etc. 

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