How Men Can Wear Animal Prints And Graphics

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By Juan E. Romero

How To Survive In The Fashion Jungle

Animal prints have been a staple fashion statement in womenswear for decades but they are a relatively new trend in menswear. Only recently have men begun to embrace their wild side when it comes to animal prints and graphics. It seems that most trends always appear first in the ladies market before they eventually make their way into the menswear market.


Animal Prints Direction

Designers and brands such as El Palacio de Hierro, Gaudi, DSquared, Burberry Prorsum, BoohooMAN and Pierre Balmain all seem eager to include the animal print trend as part of their assortments. It looks like male consumers are ready to wear some of their amazing interpretations of animal skin patterns this year. From t-shirts to luxury blazers, there is a wide assortment of styles for men to choose from.


DSquared Calfskin & Leopard Print Tuxedo Jacket

DSquared Calfskin & Leopard Print Tuxedo Jacket

Leopard patterns are the most common animal skin available to men. This is understandable as this trend is still new and just beginning to be adopted by those that are ahead of the fashion curve. Other patterns such as giraffe and tiger skins are also gaining more acceptance. The interpretations are all fairly straight-forward and there is not the same amount of diversity in design and color as in womenswear.


Animal Graphics Direction

For animal graphics, the more savage versions seem to have taken hold at the designer collections. This is true especially in menswear where snarling leopards and howling wolves are all the rage. In womenswear the images are more serene and can include imagery of baby animals that are irresistible to female consumers. Not so for men, where growling Rottweilers and menacing tigers are the order of the day.

Pierre Balmain Leopard-Print T-Shirt

Pierre Balmain Leopard-Print T-Shirt

For those that are a bit more conservative, animal print accessories like ties, handkerchiefs, hats and shoes may be a more subtle way to incorporate this trend as part of their overall look. Today, there are many more options to choose from and this direction has been especially embraced by millennial hipsters who, more often than not, opt for fun, irreverent fashion choices. This look provides a wealth of fun styling ideas for fashionistas young and old.

To see more of how this trend is being adopted by men everywhere, visit my Pinterest board Animal Prints And Graphics . Do you plan on wearing some cool animal prints and taking a walk on the wild side this season?

Juan E. Romero is the Owner and Creative Director of 65MCMLXV. He has more than twenty years of Fashion and Design Trend experience. You can also find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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