Women's Denim Trends

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by  Juan E. Romero


Designer Collections Embrace Denim Styling

Denim has Become the key group for casual sportswear in the last twenty years. Today, denim can be found at every tier from couture to mass retail. There are specialize in Developing Brands That With the latest styles and embellishments and washes Have the premium denim category Emerged as an Important asset for every collection.

Denim styles are not limited only to jeans. Today, This versatile fabric can be found in every category from outerwear to dresses as well as accessories from shoes to handbags. In womenswear there are a variety of options available to women today. No longer Considered to casual fabrication, the rise of premium denim fabrics and styling Have Increased exposure for the Popularity and fabric This That Has Its Roots in workwear.


Celebrities in head-to-toe denim.

Celebrities in head-to-toe denim.


Women's Denim Key Trends

Some of the key trends and styles include raw denim With raw edges or unfinished edges as seen in the collections of Jen Kao, Marques Almeida and Jill Stuart. Another trend styles are like patchwork Those on display at Desigual and Junya Watanabe. These can be colored Blocked with fabric or other shades of denim fabrics or contrast With: such as yarn-dyed plaids.

The boyfriend jean Continues to be an Important fit and overalls Have made ​​a comeback and are Being dressed-up to wear to work or for a night out on the town. Also Important are boxy-shaped denim jean jackets and vests. Another trend is head to toe denim. This look works well When different washes are worn together to give a blue tonal effect. Also flared denim trousers are trending. Not quite bell-bottoms, MOST of These styles come in darker washes and are a dressier option.

Jessica Hart and Sara Sampaio wearing denim in New York City.

Jessica Hart and Sara Sampaio wearing denim in New York City.


Lighter washes are becoming more popular for womenswear and the return of acid wash styles brings back memories of the eighties! Shredded and destroyed effects seem to be Increasing in Importance even though it Seems counterintuitive to pay top dollar for jeans That Have extreme rips and tears. Another Important denim-like fabric for spring is chambray. This lighter weight fabrication hand Have a more comfortable and works well on dresses and shirts and can be printed or embellished.

To see some great denim looks, visit my Pinterest board Women's Denim Inspiration . There you can see all the latest denim trends and how designers and women from around the world are wearing them this season. You can a lso read my post on Men's Denim Trends . How about you? Do You have great denim looks to show-off this coming year?

Juan E. Romero is the Owner and Creative Director of  65MCMLXV . He has more than twenty years of Fashion and Design Trend experience. You can find him on  Google+  and  Twitter .

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