How To Wear Camouflage Prints

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by Juan E. Romero


Camouflage Prints No Longer Just For The Military

Camouflage prints used to be a trend that came back every few seasons but over the past five years, camouflage prints have become a staple "color" in every designer's and retailer's palette. This ubiquitous pattern has infiltrated every sector of the retail landscape. Today, camo prints are found in every size range in the men's and women's markets.

In the past designers have experimented with different color combinations and versions of camo prints. From subdued, washed out color-ways to neon bright and tonal renditions, it seemed that we had exhausted the possibilities for this pattern. This year there seems to be a new focus on reinterpreting camouflage prints.


QMack Camouflage Jacket

QMack Camouflage Jacket


New Camouflage Prints

New versions include floral designs that look like camo or camouflage prints with floral elements mixed into the pattern. Animal prints are also being combined with camo to produce some cool and interesting hybrid looks. Camo prints are also being printed over yarn-dyed plaids and stripes and fabrications such as denim to produce a textured look. There are even some fur pieces that incorporate camouflage such as those shown by Phillip Lim.

The best way to wear camouflage is with pieces that coordinate with the colors of the camo print. Since most camo prints include neutral colors like khaki, olive, brown and black, this makes it an easy pattern to merchandise with just about any item you own. Denim also works well with camo and there are many tonal blue combinations that look great when worn with denim.

Dolce & Gabbana Camouflage Pocket Tee-Shirt

Dolce & Gabbana Camouflage Pocket Tee-Shirt

The worst way to wear camouflage is as a complete outfit. This only is advisable if you are actually in the military and about to enter combat! Today camo prints come in every type of accessory from bags to shoes and everything in-between so there is no shortage of ways to include this key trend as part of your ensemble.

To see how camouflage prints are being styled and worn, visit my Pinterest board, Camouflage Inspiration. There you can see some great examples of how trend setters are taking this look to the next level. You can also read my previous post on How To Wear The Military Trend. How about you? Do you own some key go-to camo pieces as part of your Spring and Fall wardrobes? 

Juan E. Romero is the Owner and Creative Director of 65MCMLXV. He has more than twenty years of Fashion and Design Trend experience. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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