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by Juan E. Romero

Printed Denim Goes Mainstream

Printed denim used to be a fringe item but over the past few years printed styles have increased in popularity. With the current print cycle that has engulfed fashion, printed denim seems to have gone mainstream this year. From one-color monochromatic prints to multi-colored florals, the sky's the limit for printed denim this season.

Printed Denim For Women

In womenswear, there are multiple options of all-over prints to choose from. Florals and animal prints are the two most common patterns. With the explosion of color this past Spring, printed denim seems to have come into it's own as it coordinates well with the variety of colors and merchandises well with a solid top or accessories that highlight the colors in the print.  

forever21 Cuffed Floral Printed Denim Shorts

forever21 Cuffed Floral Printed Denim Shorts

Printed Denim For Men

Some of the newest print trends include digital cityscape prints and pattern mixes such as florals combined with geometrics or stripes. Now fashionistas can accentuate their legs and are no longer limited to making a style statement from the waist up! For men, this is still an edgy look but there seems to be a wider assortment in denim shirts. There are also engineered printed jeans where the print is strategically placed on the jean instead of being printed all-over. The patterns tend to be more subtle and monochromatic and there are fewer options than in womenswear.

ETRO Paisley Printed Denim Shirt

ETRO Paisley Printed Denim Shirt

Printed denim is also making inroads into other categories such as dresses, shorts, jackets and even accessories. Lighter weight denim including chambray are also being used to highlight the variety of new prints that are popular this season. Designers are embellishing denim with flocking, foil, studs, sequins and other trims to make them truly luxurious.

To see more cool and interesting printed denim looks for men and women, visit my Pinterest board, Printed Denim. Do you own a pair or two of printed denim jeans or shorts?

Juan E. Romero is the Owner and Creative Director of 65MCMLXV. He has more than twenty years of Fashion and Design Trend experience. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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