Men's Denim Trends

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by Juan E. Romero


How To Wear Men's Denim Trends

Denim is a staple in any man's closet. But how to dress it up or update it each season can be a challenge. It's all about the fit and the wash when it comes to men's denim trends. Most guys will settle on one fit that they like, be it relaxed, straight-leg, boot-cut or skinny. The most popular washes are a medium to dark indigo with assorted treatments. These can be whisker, grinding, tinting or any number of distressed or destroyed techniques depending on how weathered and worn you want the jeans to look and feel. 

Double-denim street style.


Men's Denim Trend Options

Most men should own at least one pair of a relaxed and straight-leg fit jean. Skinny fit jeans tend to be for younger guys or those with the Ectomorph body type. Then a range of washes should be incorporated into your wardrobe ranging from medium to dark. These all come with various shades of tinting and distressing giving you more options. Lighter washes and acid treatments have been coming back in style but I would focus on the key fits.

65 MCMLXV Straight-Leg Dark Wash Denim Jean

In Over the past few seasons we seem to be moving away from overly detailed jeans with all the bells and whistles. Premium denim, with a focus on great fit and beautiful washes is where the market is currently at. Denim also requires great workmanship in order to ensure that these two key elements are executed properly. Denim is so popular that your wardrobe should include some key pieces including denim shirts, shorts, blazers, jackets and all manner of accessories in this versatile fabric.

Want some more great ideas on how to wear men's denim trends this season? Follow my board on Pinterest, Men's Denim Inspiration for the latest denim trends and how guys around the world are wearing and styling their denim looks. Juan E. Romero is the Owner and Creative Director of 65MCMLXV. He has more than twenty years of Fashion and Design Trend experience. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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